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  • Chris Mascaro

Chris Mascaro, TNT Host

Chris Mascaro, TNT Host

Chris is the host of Thursday Night Tailgate. As a life long sports fan Chris and long time friend Angelo Cane, turned their weekly Monday morning quarterback conversations into a show featuring some of the greatest players in the history of game. He is also the host of Next on the Tee which follows the same format as TNT. There he talks with PGA & LPGA Legends, Pros and Top Instructors about the great game of golf. He is a former co-host of View from the Lone Red Seat, a show that aired for 5 years on Blog Talk Radio about Red Sox baseball. He and TNT co-host Bob Lazzari teamed with local Boston Writer/Comedian Dave Rattigan and talked all things Red Sox. Chris was born in Pittsburgh and is a huge Steelers and Penguins fan. He lived several years in Boston and the Red Sox and Celtics got in his blood.


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