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TNT Guest Hall of Fame

Class of 2021

Randy Fuller4.jpeg
Randy Fuller
Victor Green
James Allen.jpg
James Allen
Wendell Davis TNT HOF.jpeg
Wendell Davis
Victor Green.jpeg

Class of 2020

Dan Reeves.jpeg
Dan Reeves
Todd Washington TNT Guest HOF.jpeg
Todd Washington
Keith Millard Guest HOF.jpg
Keith Millard
Randy McMichael
Image 12-6-22 at 8.40 AM.jpeg
Marco Iannuzzi

Class of 2019

Greg Lloyd6.jpeg
Greg Lloyd
Gus Frerotte HOF.jpg
Gus Frerotte
Rickey Foggie HOF.jpg
Rickey Foggie
Chris Miller HOF.jpg
Chris Miller

Class of 2018

Dan Pastorini TNT Hall of Fame.jpg
Dan Pastorini
Chad Brown.jpeg
Chad Brown
Mark Collins2.jpg
Mark Collins
Nick Lowery HOF.jpg
Nick Lowery
Willie Simmons HOF.jpg
Willie Simmons
Billy Sample.jpeg
Billy Sample

Class of 2017

Beau Bock.jpg
Beau Bock
EJ Junior.jpeg
Muhsin Muhammad HOF.jpg
Richmond Webb HOF.jpg
E.J. Junior
Muhsin Muhammad
Richmond Webb
Kerry Glenn HOF.jpg
Kerry Glenn
Jeff Reed HOF.jpg
Jeff Reed

Class of 2016

Levon Kirkland TNT HOF.jpg
Levon Kirkland
Tony Collins - 2020 Prognostication Champ.jpeg
Tony Collins
JJ Birden TNT HOF.jpg
J.J. Birden
Paul Alexander TNT HOF.jpg
Paul Alexander
Toi Cook HOF.jpg
Toi Cook
Eddie Kennison TNT HOF.jpg
Eddie Kennison
Vencie Glenn TNT HOF.jpg
Vencie Glenn

Class of 2015

Russell Baxter TNT HOF.jpg
Russell Baxter
Randy Minniear5.jpg
Randy Minniear
Reggie Kelly HOF.jpg
Reggie Kelly
Leonard Wheeler.jpeg
Leonard Wheeler
Andy Russell HOF.jpg
Andy Russell
John Bock.jpg
John Bock
Zig Fracassi.jpg
Zig Fracassi
Ed White TNT HOF.jpg
Ed White
Leigh Steinberg HOF.jpg
Leigh Steinberg

Class of 2014

Jim Everett
Jim Everett
Tim Worley
Tim Worley
Jeff Herrod
Jeff Herrod
Rocky Bleier Thursday Night Tailate Guest Hall of Fame
Rusty Hilger
Rocky Bleier
Rusty Hilger

In Memory Of:

Kevin Turner

We met Kevin shortly after he was diagnosed with ALS. We were blessed to have Kevin on the show a few times until the disease robbed him of his speech. His courage, dignity, and spirit through his battle continue to be an inspiration to us every day. Kevin's spirit is a part of every show.

Rusty Hilger
Terry Glenn

Terry Glenn was a weekly guest on the show in 2014. He was our original prognostication expert, joining us for our 5 Star Picks of the Week. Terry overcame a horrible childhood, in an out of foster homes, never feeling wanted by anybody, to become one of the best WRs in the game. Terry was an even greater individual off the field, as he worked with disadvantaged children who are growing up in similar circumstances as he did. The sense of loss we feel as a result of his sudden and tragic passing will never leave us. His spirit will always be a part of the show.

kwamie Lassiter

Kwamie joined us in 2016 and 2017. His enthusiasm struck us immediately. His insights were outstanding and he was a joy to have as part of the show. On the field, he was a very underrated DB. He had 25 INTs including 8 in 1998 and 9 in 2001. He had over 100 in tackles in 1999 (103) and 2001 (112), yet somehow he was never named to the Pro Bowl. Off the field, Kwamie also made an impact on his community through his T.A.C.K.L.E. Foundation and Quest for a Cure that helps children facing health challenges such as Sickle Cell, Cancer, and Childhood Obesity. His loss is tragic and far reaching. We will miss him and his spirit.

No one could suck the oxygen out of the room like Rusty Hilger could. His energy and enthusiasm were second to none. Rusty guided Oklahoma State to it's first ever 10 win season back in 1984. He was drafted by the Raiders in 1985 and became the first Raiders rookie QB to enter a game and throw at TD pass. In 1987 he became the youngest starting QB in Raiders history. In 1988, despite not being signed until the 6th game of the season, he was named the Lions Offensive MVP. Rusty immediately became a favorite of ours on the show because of his personality and enthusiasm. He was also so much fun to have as part of the show. He was a part of our inaugural Guest Hall of Fame class. We enjoyed him so much and will miss everything about him. RIP in peace 12. You were truly a gift to all of us.

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