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Thursday Night Tailgate is a football podcast where the legends of the game come to tell their stories and share their insights. You'll hear what it's like to be in those huddles, on the field, and in the locker rooms. Plus, each week we Spotlight current players who are out there doing great things in their communities in our Spotlight on the Positive segment.

We hope you'll make us part of your sports content. Whether you have 20 minutes or 2 hours we've got something for you. Check out our podcast episodes or individual guest segments below and subscribe to the show. You can find us on great sites like Podbean, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Audioboom, and Player.FM.

We're official partners of the NFL Alumni Association and Mike Ditka's organization the Gridiron Greats.

What They Are Saying...

Former Miami Dolphins WR

OJ McDuffie helps us celebrate our 11th Anniversary.

Former Bills & Packers WR and current Head Coach at Aurora University Don Beebe shares his thoughts about the show.

SportsCenter Host Linda Cohn gives the show a shout-out...

Former Steelers LB Arthur Moats helps us celebrate our 9 year anniversary and looks ahead to joining us on the show...

"Great guys running a very good show. I encourage all my fraternity of athletes to join in the fun. Thursday Night Tailgate rocks!!" Jim Everett, former Rams QB

I get all kinds of requests for shows and podcasts...but I turned them all down. But when you called, I appreciate you guys. I think you guys do a great job. Keep doing what you're doing and keep blessing your audience with the great people you have on. I am very fortunate to be a part of that." Jets all-time great Victor Green.

"You guys are amazing and you do a fantastic job with your radio presentation. I'm honored to have met you and will continue to support what you're doing." Leonard Marshall, former Giants DE

Keith Millard

"I love your dedication to the NFL alumni. It's awesome how you and Bob and Thursday Night Tailgate keep our light shining a little longer. Much respect" Keith Millard, former Vikings DE

"I get a lot of media requests but the one I look forward to the most is being on with Chris and Bob! Great guys without agenda or bias (well, we know Chris loves the Steelers). They just want to hear and share our stories. It's a great show to be on and a great show to listen to because it's not about them, it's about the players and some of their tall, and not so tall, tales!"​ ​Chad Brown, former Steelers, Seahawks, & Patriots LB

Andy Russell

"Recently I had the pleasure of being on Thursday Night Tailgate. Over the years I've been on an enormous number of radio shows but none better than Thursday Night Tailgate." ​Andy Russell, Steelers Legend

Leigh Steinberg

"If it's Thursday night, the place to be is on Thursday Night Tailgate." Leigh Steinberg

Todd Washington

"Thank you for having me on. I love talking ball/current events with you guys. It's hard to find good people in this world. I'm blessed that I have two. Congrats on your five years and I pray for many more. God bless." ​Todd Washington, former Bucs Offensive Lineman

Russell Baxter

"Both @ctmascaro and @Bob_Lazzari do an amazing job putting together shows that are entertaining and informative. No screaming and yelling, no showboating, no 'I'm more important than the athlete.' We need more of this kind of radio! Please follow them.", Russell Baxter, NFL Stats Guru

Zig Fracassi

"Chris & Bob have a great 'where are they now' podcast of former NFL greats. As a student of NFL history, and a guest of theirs, I can tell you it's a great listen and a great mechanism to keep the game's greats relevant past their retirement." Zig Fracassi, Sirius/XM NFL Channel Host

"Why can't Thursday Night Tailgate continue all day everyday?! Too good to only air on Thursdays." Reggie Kelly, former Bengals & Falcons TE

Dina Parise

"Check out our friends @ctmascaro & @bob_lazzari on #ThursdayNightTailgate! Give them a follow! Great show! Lots of great peeps too!" Dina Parise, 2015 IHRA Pro Mod Champion

Marvel Smith

" You guys always do a great job with the questions. It's like reminiscing in the moment. I always look forward to coming on the show. When I played I never reflected on what I was doing until I was done." Marvel Smith, former Steelers Tackle

" Every time I come on I follow one of the dudes I grew up admiring. I love listening to those stories. You're keeping old football alive and I really appreciate it.I grew up loving those guys. It's really exciting. Hopefully the fans appreciate it as much as I do. It's certainly why I enjoy your show so much." Brian Baker, Alabama D-Line Coach

Erica Steussie

"I have to be better about keeping up w/your podcasts. They’re like books to me: Too many good ones, so little time.” Erica Steussie, wife of former Vikings Tackle Todd Steussie

"You have to love these guys Chris Mascaro and Bob Lazzari are the best in the business. Thanks for allowing us to share our lives." Leonard Wheeler, former Bengals, Vikings, & Panthers DB

"It's always great to be with you guys. You guys always do an awesome job with guys who come on your show, giving them a platform to speak the game, any sport, speak about their life, their foundation and the things they're doing in the community. You guys have a fantastic platform." Eddie Kennison, former Rams & Chiefs WR

Ed White

"I appreciate the way you help the old guys. Not enough is said about that. It's terrific. It makes me feel really good. I love it when you guys do that and you do it all the time and you do it because you want to do it...God bless ya." Ed White, former Vikings & Chargers Pro Bowl Guard

James Allen

"Thursday Night Tailgate is only the third time in 30 years that I left an interview where I felt uplifted and positive. Chris & Bob have a positive spin on life and sports that is such a blessing and so needed nowadays. There is a reason why great athletes, super agent Leigh Steinberg come on the show because they feel safe about talking about open veins because they know Bob and Chris will shine the light on them and positivity." James Allen, Pro Football Hall of Fame Board of Directors.

"I enjoy how well you guys prepare your questions and how positive you both are." Jason Tarver former Raiders Head Coach, current Vanderbilt Defensive Coordinator

November 3rd: Paul Alexander, Tony Collins, Willie Simmons, & Richmond Webb
November 10th: Greg Lloyd, Tony Collins, Delvin Williams, plus Lee & Erin Hanson
December 1st: Bill Maas, Tony Collins, Vencie Glenn, & Dwight Hollier
December 8th: OJ McDuffie, Tony Collins, Don Beebe, & Mark Collins
December 15th: Christine Lisi, Tony Collins, Leonard Wheeler, & Gus Frerotte
December 22nd: Fred Lynn, Tony Collins, Fred Claire, & Eddie Murray
January 5th: Beau Bock, Tony Collins, Leonard Wheeler, & John Steigerwald
January 12th: Blaine Bishop, Tony Collins, Zig Fracassi, & Charles Mincy
January 19th: Leigh Steinberg, Tony Collins, Matthew Hatchette, & Michael Hutchinson

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Spotlight on the Positive

Spotlight on the Positive

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